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10th Mountain Division Visit to Italy


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During a return trip to Italy, several veterans, descendants and friends retraced the 10th's combat route in Northern Italy. The top half of this picture was taken last week during that trip. The gentleman is the same U.S. soldier carrying the BAR, closest to the body of the German soldier. Same spot plus 67 years .... (sorry that I don't have the details requested for this section).



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An Excellent Photo you have got there of the then & Now 67+ Years Later in the Exact Position !!

Very Nice and thanks for sharing it with us that is an Impressive Photo :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hope you had a great time out there in Italy on Holidays + Meeting the U.S WWII 10th Mountain Div Vet.

If you have more Photos Please up load more as we all would love to see them and thanks for sharing the two Photos with us :thumbsup:




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I have a photo of myself on that same spot in 1994. It is awkard to see new buildings and developments in this area. Not long ago, major parts of it were just the same as in the 40s.

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