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Pre-1890s Officer EGA Cap Emblem


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Anybody know what those 2 sold for?


I understand they sold for $1800 each. Great Buy in my opinion. Wish it was me! Semper Fi......Bobgee

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The service version should be one of, if not, the very first officer's service hat device. I believe that these are transition pieces from the 1870's style (very stylistic eagles and anchors that were hand produced by jewelers making each piece one-of-a-kind) to the mass-produced styles of the early 1900's. The stubby eagles are distinctly a holdover from the 1870's, as is the large anchor. It is my opinion that the officer's service device shown above, pre-existed the regulations calling for it. The 1892 Regulations and the update 1900 Regulations do not mention it. The 1900 Regs do mention officer service collar devices on the tropical uniform however, and it is likely this is where the requirement for a hat device also came to be. Starting with the Spanish American War, Marine officers would have required a device on their tropical star vent campaign hats. I also believe that this device pre-existed in dress version, and that a service version was made circa 1900. This version than gave way to the newer patterns of 1904 and 1914, that take us into a more modern time. This is the first service device of this version that I have ever seen. I have seen three dress officer devices of this version in twenty years of collecting Corps Devices.




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