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American helmets in Normandy museums.


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For the benefit of the many M1 helmet lovers out there, there follows a selection of all of the principal helmet exhibits in three of the main American-themed museums in Normandy...namely the Airborne Museum in Ste Mere Eglise...the Utah Beach Museum and Michel de Trez's "Deadman's Corner" airborne museum. There are others, of course, but these are the ones I focused on this time.


Please bear in mind that virtually all of these helmets are behind glass, many with subdued lighting too, so taking flash photographs wasn't easy because of the problems of reflectivity, but thankfully most turned out OK!


Firstly a word about authenticity and provenance. Many helmets were donated by the vets who wore them during the Normandy campaign. Others were recovered from the battlefield or washed up by the tide. However, some others are, shall we say, "museum creations". For example, sometimes where you'd expect there to be M2s there are M1Cs, or swivel bails where there should be fixed bails. Also, some of the camo schemes I'd describe as "repesentative" rather than "original".


Some helmets you might be familiar with as they have appeared in books...others will be new to you, as they were to me. There are some real killers in there so sit back and enjoy and let the pictures do the talking!


NB: This will be a pic-heavy thread which will take me some time to upload so please bear with me. Thank you!



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