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ww2 tanker helmet


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Hello to all


Does the ww2 tanker helmet has basicaly 2 thin cotton lays on top of the hlemte to be use as lining ? it's sewn and tied with the cord


I have a wilson that have 2 such lining and a pristine Sears that doesnt' have it ?


What's your opinion



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They were intended as padding, but were probably useless as such. Page two of the original Patent states: "....Pads of felt, rubber, or other suitable padding material {10} are preferably secured to the inner faces or sides of the segmental-shaped pieces 'D' that are presented towards the crown member 'A', so as to eliminate the possibility of the user's head being injured or made uncomfortable by contact with the edge portion of the crown member 'A'.


I have seen felt and foamed rubber used. I think after a period of exposure to the elements these pads may have fallen away or in some cases may never have been installed.



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