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Military History at US Naval ship yard Mare Island

River Rat 1

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River Rat 1

There lot's of military history at Mare Island.President Abraham lincoln authorised it so it's been around since the Civil War and was open continuously until it closed in the 1990's.Links to the Museum on the old Naval base.One of my ships the USS Muana Kea AE-22 was home ported there and another unit I was with SBU IX was also there.



And they have the USS LCS 102 the last ship of it's kind was used for fire support on beach landing in the pacific in WW 2.Was small so the crew had to hot rack like a sub was flat bottomed with the anchor on the fantail so it could pull it self of a beach.Was told by a vet that was on this craft that it had more fire power per square inch than any ship in the Navy.Mite even volunteer and help out once in a while and help with the maintenance on it since I was doing that on the USS Iowa and now it's gone to LA.Here's a video of it worth a visit.I guess after the war we gave it to the thailand so we can thank the Thai Navy for keeping the last one around.


And a page with the history and a lot of info about these.


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