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The Look-a-like EGA....VRKD Lapel emblem

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Just an oddball I had for a few months and finally got around to looking up. Did some searching on the internet and came up with this:


Verband reisender Kaufleute Deutschlands (VKRD)


used an internet translator and came up with this:


Association of itinerant merchants Germany (VRKD)




Ok, so not really an EGA variation, but thought I would post if for refrence. I moderators choose to delete, no problems here


Wanted: USMC Helicopter related items

Collector of Marine Corps Helicopter / Rotary aviation items from the late 1940s to present


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Somebody decided to.... "throw a bunch of recognizable pieces of insignias together and call it ours".

Nothing I could fine online suggests a viable body is represented by this insignia. :dunno:


The Association of German Traveling Salesmen used this up until WWII as far as I can find.







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