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Mr Levine 784th MP Small Group

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I met Mrs Levine one day while she was walking her dog. Dog walkers always seem to have militaria.


She invited me over to her house and sold me this small grouping that had belonged to her husband.


He had been a guard at the Yamashita trial and took these photos.



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Very cool! My dad met a vet who I'm pretty sure was in this unit. He said he was an MP at these Pacific War Crimes trial. My dad got his name but unfortunately never got his phone number and he passed away.

Looking for any WWII 104th "Timberwolf" Division items.

Including items from the 413th, 414th, and 415th Infantry Regiments 104th Recon Troop, 329th Engineer Battalion, 329th Medical Battalion

385th, 386th, 387th, and 929th Field Artillery Battalions 804th Ordnance Company 104th Quartermaster Company 104th Signal Company

555th Anti-Aircraft Battalion, 750th Tank Battalion 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion 817th Tank Destroyer Battalion



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