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My small Display


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Thanks guys !!!

Well i got the display case in a local furniture store back in Germany.


Have a new piece to show.

Spanish-American War campaign medal given to Sgt Theodor Noy. He was an artificer with the 1st Infantry

and served in Cuba, Philippines and Alaska. He also served with the 10th Infantry, 27th and 4th Coast Artillery company

He died in 1910 of pneumonia in Ft Benjamin Harrison.

He was a veteran of 16 years and was born in Germany.




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Sorry, but "small" does not describe it! Great stuff. The MOH's are just spectacular!< Jack

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My new Helmet !!


Early M-1 Helmet to a sailor Sam A. who was a MM1c on the LSD U.S.S. Shadwell.

This ship was hit by a Torpedo but the crew saved it from sinking. It's crew also managed to claim a Japanese airplane.






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Beautiful displays! I guess I'll have to add Paint Shop Pro to my list of "things to learn". Thanks for sharing.


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I have been collecting since July 1944. I have the luxery of space for display, but still am faced with a crowding condition. There have been many expressions of just how great your collection and presentation are. Further words would be just an echo of those already expressed. Thank you for sharing with us all. It has been an amazing experience. Jack Angolia

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