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USS Hazard and Freedom Park, Omaha


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Sadly, no. I went down to that area in May, but the road had a very strongly worded DO NOT ENTER sign at the front of it.


The park remains closed as far as I can tell.


I do not have access to Facebook at the moment, but you might want to check their FB page to see if there are any updates.


Oddly, I can still see the ships at a distance along the edge of the Missouri from my office building on a hilltop in Omaha.

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wikipedia says "On October 7, 2015 Freedom Park announced that they are open."


It's been four years since the flood.


Pre-flood that was a funky little area: I seem to recall there was some sort of little marina near the park.

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From their FaceBook page on October 7th:


"Ladies and Gentleman,

It is with great pleasure we are announcing our first general opening to the public in 4 years! For the month of October, starting this Saturday, we will be hosting tours of both the ship and the sub between 10AM and 3PM, Saturdays and Sundays! While not all the exhibits in the park prior to the flood have been returned yet, we felt it was important to display all the great progress we have had thus far! We look forward to seeing you there!

-The Freedom Park Volunteers"


Of course, as soon as they finally got it up and running, they will be closing down for the winter within a couple of days.




The marina was completely covered with sand from the flooding. I am not sure if they rebuilt that or not.

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