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Charge, Shaped, M3

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Here's something that you don't see every day. The 40 pound shaped charge, M3, and the original 1945 dated wooden shipping box. The M3 shaped charge was a cratering charge. It is essentially a steel cylinder, cone shaped on the bottom, and filled with explosives. The top has a threaded fuse well to accept the standard electric or non-electric blasting cap. The resulting blast would create a 9' deep crater in concrete. Perfect for opening up enemy bunkers.







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I do hope it is Inert!

Me too that is a lot of HE. :lol: How did you deactivate it. VERY NICE! That is a lot of HE to cook on a double boiler and a small hole to get it out. Is it cut away on one of the sides?


Funny thing. I saw a crate for one for sale a few weeks ago. I was going to get it but did not have room. I never thought anyone would have one. Next time I'm taking the truck.

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Robin, I admit I am envious. To find an M3 training aid is really neat. Can you imagine what it would be like to light it up if it were live? If it was above ground, the safe clearance would be well over a mile. You should screw an inert grenade fuse in it, post it on another forum, and ask how far you have to run back when you pull the pin.

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I owned one of these some years ago (and the smaller M1A1 too, same use), and didn't keep them as I don't collect WW2.

The translation in english of the french name (charge creuse) for this charge, would be "hollow charge".

That means it is used to destroy at an exact place, armored buildings or concrete.

The explosion produced a very high temperature which could create a hole in any material.

On mine, there were some yellow markings and 1944 date.

A very special demo item.



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