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General Foster G. Hetzel 1907-1952

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Please keep an eye on this post because it is going to take a while to get all the photos on.


In 1992 there was an ad, in the Patriot News, for a yard sale. In the description it mentioned " German Helmet ". The sale started at 8. Back in the day I had to be at work at 8 on


Saturday. So I got there at 5 hoping that they would be setting up early. Well I sat in my car for an hour waiting. At 6 I had enough and went to the door and knocked. A man showed


up in his pajamas and tried to explain to me that I had to wait until 8. I asked him how much he wanted for the German helmet and he replied 75.00. I told him I would give him


double if I liked it. So I gave him 150 when he showed it to me. " Where did you get this ?? " I asked. " My wife's uncle brought it home. Do you have his stuff ?? " Yes it is up in the


attic. I managed to get into the attic before 6:30 AM and dragged a trunk down. Here is part of the trunk's contents.




Foster G. Hetzel started his military career in 1907 as a private in the 13th N.Y. Coastal Artillery, better known as the Coney Island Coastal Artillery.


By 1916 he was a Captain serving on the Mexican boarder.


In WW1 he commanded F company of the 106th Infantry Regiment.


Before the war ended he also commanded the submarine base at Rouen and earned the Etoile Noire from the French government.


During the interim war years he became a Major and Lt. Colonel. In this capacity he revamped the New York National Guard Quartermaster Corps.


He was a full Colonel when WW2 started and his quartermaster experience was put to good use when he was put in charge of the Hawaiian Service Command. For this service he was


awarded the Legion of Merit.


By 1950 he was a General and retired soon afterwards.


I hope you all enjoy this grouping and keep an eye on the for sale section because I plan to let it go soon.


These first photos show a range of insignia from Hetzel's trunk as well as some accoutrements.





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Holy Moly......patience really paid-off. That is a fantastic grouping. Kudo's to you!

Looking for: Fourth/ Seventh Rhode Island Infantry items

Purple Heart : Robert L. Freitag KIA ETO 2/11/45

Any US/German items with the last name "Freitag"

also, war-related posters


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