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US Navy Cartridge Belt c. 1907 (Naval Snaps) 40 Rnds

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First: Please note that the following two photos have been shamelessly filched from the

I-net. I regretfully must do this because once again I find a dead camera battery at

the moment of need.


Moving right along... I had been seeking and recently acquired an identical cartridge

belt. The problem is now that I have it I can't quite identify exactly what it is.

I probably haven't used the right combination of string identifiers for Google to return

relevant data. I once saw an Ebay auction that described this as a gun(naval artillery)

primer cartridge bandoleer; yet, there was another that described it as a cartridge belt

for the obsolete, but still in service Lee-Remington rifles that many ships still had



Although the belt utilizes the early style C-Clamp and keepers, the naval eagle snaps

have a patent date of 1907. No Mills patent dates are on the buckles, only the phrase

"Made under Mills patents." The belt has a Mills stamp, so I'm placing this between

1907 and 1917.


What say ye? What is it?





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I'm giving this topic a poke because I'd be interested in the answer (and this thread is nearly useless without one).


Currently looking for WWI items, specifically photos of the 116th infantry regiment, and any material related to the USS Olympia.

Always on the lookout for any rations, miscellaneous personal items, pack filler, care package stuffers, knit Red Cross material, and oddball equipment to supplement the Doughboy display.
Have some extras? I help friends fill out their living history kit, and could always use more loaner gear!

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Acording to Steven Dorseys book, American Military Belts and Related Equipment, Pioneer Press Union City, Tennessee, 1984, page 118, belt is circa 1907 Navy cartridge belt for 30.40 Kraig. Check it out.post-6975-0-30896000-1544052390.jpeg

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