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The First US Army Parachute Badge

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What would be interesting to know is how many parachute badges BB&B actually made beyond the original run. Also knowing the original cost per badge to the Army would be useful. As more paratroopers became qualified to wear the parachutist badge, other makers and some jewelers rose to the occasion to fill orders. Personally, I have not seen what I believed was an original BB&B listed for sale in a number of years. So as to value, I suppose it comes down to how bad the buyer wants them. I am sure there are still some out there in long forgotten footlockers or tucked away in a chest of drawers in grand dad's attic.




WANTED- Sterling hallmarked US Army Parachutist Jump wings:       WANTED -Combat Infantryman Badges (CIB):

Bell Trading Post Master (with star in wreath)                                        F.W. Assmann Germany full size CIB marked 191

12C Coro Senior clutchback (with star).                                                   CREST CRAFT Sterling EIB & CIB

CrestCraft 14C Master w/bubble canopy CB.                                          Denmark’s Sterling 2nd Award D22

Emblem Supply 1E Senior pinback                                                            Wilbur Kiff Co Attleboro Ma. Sterling

GP General Products Master CB                                                                D&H Manufacturing, provenance RI

Military Post Supply M21/MPS-21 Senior CB                                          C.P. Company NYC 1P C. Polk New York Sterling

Robbins Senior pinback                                                                               Gemsco Sterling 3rd award

Robbins Attleboro Mass. Basic pinback                                                   Simon Sterling 3rd Award

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