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Picked this up today and was wondering what kind it is. It looks to be a hat device and around WW1. It is in great shape and has the longitude and latitude lines. If anyone can help with information on this EGA it would be most appreciated. Let me know what you think.





Actively Seeking:

WW2 USN/USMC Attributed/Named Purple Heart Groups

WW2 USN/USMC Combat Aviation Groups


WW2 and Prior USN/USMC Medal Groups


Contact me if you have something



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It is a design that came around after WW1, no one knows the exact year, but it is most often associated with the mid 1920's. Not as common as the WW1 variety but still can be found relatively easily.




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Visit my EGA reference section: http://www.eagleglobeandanchor.com/EGA_Reference_Section.html



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