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Boots, Service, Combat M-1943

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Probably..... but not as standard issue and in VERY rare occasions....


Mark Bando's 101 AB Book 'Screaming Eagles in Normandy' shows a 101 AB Signals Co NCO in Normandy with DB Boots...


Wow, thats interesting. I knew that 3RD I.D. had them already, but I didnt think they got issued to anybody else til well after D-DAY. B)

But as you said Johan, very rare occasions.

"The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

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Go with Barts opinion. Save the m43 boots for a later war display with some m43 fatigues. The reverse upper boots are harder to find and hence cost more. They are the only thing I missing from my normandy landing display.


RIP Army BDUs. You will be missed.


Just an infantry LT Living behind the dumpsters of Airborne School

Fort Benning, GA

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