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Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knives.

Jack's Son

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I bought a beauty a few years ago. 2nd model. I got her home and realized the blade is cracked from the base right up past the etching and ends right at the top of the etching.

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Thought I would post my two FS knives, a Type 2 and Type 3. Neither knife or sheath for each is marked with ENGLAND indicating they are not English exports. The Type 3 with the machine ground blade I picked up at a militaria show a while back, while the Type 2 came from another forum. The seller of the Type 2 told me he bought it in Italy while I have no information on the Type 3.

Here is the two in their sheaths. The sheath with the Type 3 was with the knife when I bought it, the sheath for the Type 2 I purchased separately:


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Here are the blades and sheaths, front and back. The blade on the Type 2 has been refinished at some point, but still shows the flats from being hand ground. The Type 3 doesn't show the flats indicating it has been machine ground.




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Here are the marks on the Type 3, the mold number for the handle and the proof marking under the arrow:




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Finally, the arrow-B2, although the 2 is almost invisible and only part of the arrow still shows. The odd part is that the arrow B2 is on the blade side of the guard, which may indicate that the knife was disassembled to refinish the blade and was reassembled with the arrow-B2 mark on the wrong side. Or it's possible that the mark was just applied to the blade side. Again, neither knife has ENGLAND stamped on the guard and the sheath's don't have the ENGLAND stamp either.



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