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Monthly Single Figure old fashioned throw-down.


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I've said this since day one. The idea is brilliant and we have really gotten some nice entries so far...However...it's just a cluster.

I love the word "Cluster" :love:

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It has been over year since this thread has had a post. I say we get this thread back up and running. However, I do have a recommendation:


1. I think that when a mannequin is posted by a member that no comments (positive or negative) should be made during the voting process. Everyone who posts a mannequin has put a lot of work into their submissions and has a love for their area of collecting.


I really like the basic idea of this thread and I think the initial intent was to have a reference for displays from a variety of different eras. Any other ideas and recommendations on how to run this competition are welcome. I think we need to have solid rules before we attempt another competition though. Something we all can agree on and follow.

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