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NYC WWI memorials


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Came across these differant views, realistic isn't it, the scupltor really caught the facial expressions here. The Sculptor was if you can believe a Sergeant in the Regiment in the World War Karl IIIava who not only sculpted it but designed it too.



BTW while one of the men, the one on the left still has his bayonet slightly bent, I can remember back in the mid 80s some yoyo climbed up on the monument and bent that bayonet on the lead soldier really bad, the one that's bareheaded, took awhile to get it bent back or replaced, which ever they did

And another view straight on.



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Found two more, this and the next two pages are for one in Carroll Park Brooklyn (images are large so had to post separately).




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Good thread Kev, I have alot up here where I'm living, civil war, revolution war , Ill get some pics when I get a chance.


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Here a small one, this is right down the road from me, Named after Private Frank C Prokop, Ridgewood Queens New York, Died of Wounds. Unfortanately I can not find the unit he was in or date of action when he was hit, I just spent 15 to 20 minutes cruising around and came up with nothing as of yet. I will update if unit is found. I did however find a site that list ALL New York State's WW dead, this is where I found Prokop's Rank and catogory of death, DOW. I will post this site in the other forums.


This stone is on a very small traffic island at the intersection of a very heavily traveled FORK and for years and years has remained unscathed, but in the link posted, you will see, it that it has had some rough times in recent years, it however as I write, back up and still standing tall.



Update on Prokop, he was in the 79th Division, born in Jersey and lived on Staten Island, and enlisted in Brooklyn it seems..



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