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Rare WWII AWVS Uniform

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Incredible, never seen one of those before!



I collect items from The Battle of Iwo Jima (1945).

Top Iwo Jima Items I'm Looking For:

1) IDed 5th MarDiv Corpsman Jumper or Forest Green Coat.

2) IDed Coast Guard Navy Jumper

3) IDed CB's Sea Bee's Navy Jumper

4) IDed 147th Infantry Regiment Army Service Coat

5) IDed 32nd ID Army Service Coat (Occupation Kyushu with 5th MarDiv).

I am always looking for named and dated WWII USMC Forest Green wool alpha jackets/coats from the 5th Marine Division or other units who participated in the battle.

My Blog "Marines In Forest Green" http://marinesinfore...n.blogspot.com/

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Thanks for the info on the uniform and the WWII AWVS magazine ads. I did see this winged insignia a few years back at a show but didn't know at the time who it was for. Although I still don't know what the insignia represents.



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Hi! Fabulous AWVS uniform. I have managed to get a cap like this one, a couple of buttons, and a shoulder badge but no luck on the uniform. I am a patternmaker and I am looking for a uniform like this to either buy or "rent". I never harm any garment while copying it. If you are interested let me know. Thanks, JoAnn

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Thank you for showing this.


You should have pictured the buttons, though.


The ones on my mother's uniform were wood painted gold.


Her brown belt, a tiny tin collar device, a couple of wooden buttons, that hat device and a photo are all that are left of her uniform.

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