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Strange pouch or roll

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This is a fairly recent, but I don't think current pouch to carry rain gear. The straps on the back with the LTD fasteners are so it can be easily added or removed from the belt. It is not combat gear but rather used on fatigue details and police call around the garrison, they were issued as needed.



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A never-seen-before pouch with odd 4 LTD closure. Possibly US OR some post WWII european made gear ?

Artu 44

The Danish Army issued this in 1959,here is a pic from 1962 of different ways to were it,depending on your function.





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In case you didn't catch it, it is a pouch designed for a rain poncho that doubles as shelter, with buttons for connection with a mate or making makeshift sleeves.


Similar to the US army lightweight poncho of WWII.

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