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National Military History Museum.


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Alltough the name is National Military History Museum, the main topic of the museum is the Battle of the Bulge. Apart from the Bulge there's a section about Luxembourgers in WW2, a section about the history of the Luxembourg Army, one about Luxembourgish POW's in Russia during WW2 and one about the Luxembourgish volunteers fighting in Korea.

IMHO this is one of the best if not the best of the Bulge museums, certainly worth a visit. At the moment the complex where it is located is being rebuilt so there might be some hope for the museum to grow in the years to come.
Alltough one can clearly see that more money and space is needed, the quality of the exhibits is what makes this place unique. Most work is done by volunteers and the people of the museum also take care of veterans travelling the former battlefield.

Link to the museums website:



10, Bamertal
L-9209 Diekirch

Opening hours:
every day: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
closed: December 25th & January 1st


Tel: (00352) 808908

Fax: (00352) 808908 99

Just a few pics, it is really just a very small selection, there are too many to post them all!

DEAD Link - added some back


*****EDITED 2/28/2018**** DWIV







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DEAD Link - added some back


*****EDITED 2/28/2018**** DWIV









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The Meatcan

really nice set of photos! thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

a trip to Luxembourg is definitely on my bucket list!


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Having paid it a visit numerous times these last 20 or so years, I can only tell you that this is the best museum there is on The Bulge.

Even the other exhibits are quite interesting to see.

Glad to hear they're still running it well.

And I hope to go see it this summer.



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Johan Willaert

I have been going to this museum pretty much every year since it opened back in 1984-85...

They have been adding space and gear all the time and it has now come to the point where you need 10 pais of eyes to see it all... It is absolutely packed with stuff...


On several occasions I've had the chance of seeing their reserve stock and there's so much more...


When they opened they set a high standard in putting up the life size diorama's which has been copied by many other museums since...

The Diekirch museum is famous for their large collection of Ordnance from both sides and also houses the Luxemburg National Army history museum...


You can easily spend a day there!!



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One of the best museum I see, with a lot of diorama especially the giant scene with the assault boat in the snow...

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Visited the NHMM in Diekirch, Luxembourg last weekend for the third time. Since the OP's pictures have disappeared because of externe photo hosting, I'll post some of the pictures I took. As mentioned before, one of the nicest Military museums I know so far...


d 001.jpg


d 002.jpg


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