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My new PRC-77...


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Hello everyone,

After lots of saving and selling of odds and ends on Ebay I was able to buy a PRC-77 recently. I bought it off ebay and the seller said it used to work but that it had been over ten years since he had a battery in it. With the help of a local military vehicle collector who also has working prc 25s and 77s I was able to determine it dos indeed still work. Knowing how robust they are I felt pretty sure it would. Since I paid about half of what working units sell for I scored for a change!

The guy with my radio is none other than my uncle Art who was with the Army's 175th Radio Research Company in Vietnam (1968-69). It had been quite a while since he had seen one and he got a real kick out of my bringing to a family event last weekend. I remarked that he still likes to wear OD apparently, even after all these years.

So, my Memorial Day parade kit portraying a USMC grunt will be all the more authentic with the addition of the PRC-77. Oh, and I used them as well as a radioman in the USMCR 1983-88.




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