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I see a lot of posts about MBs and GPWs, but not much about the M151 series so I figured I put up a few pictures of mine. Mine's a 1972 AM General M151A2, but the motor's been through the post-'73 rebuild with the emissions control package. It's a pretty peppy little ride, and off-road is oh-so-smooth! It's name is Otto...just like SGT Snorkel's dog (from Beetle Baily.) My wife came up with it as kind of a play on words..."Otto" sounds like "auto", it's a MUTT, MUTT/mutt, mutt=dog, Otto is a dog...yeah, ok, but it's got to have a name, so why not "Otto"?


Here is Otto the MUTT fully dresssed, some family-friendly/PG rated bikini top and a few full-on topless photos.



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Very nice! I'm just not used to seeing the grill slats running the wrong way, however :lol: Just kidding. That is a very nice rig you have there. I like the camo paint job. :thumbsup:


Thanks for posting,



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