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USN Flight coveralls


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I found a couple of weeks ago these two USN coveralls a Khaki 5390G and a FRP1, and his squadron pach. With the name and file number I manage to locate LCDR WOODS.


Francis G "Frank" WOODS was born in 1936 and joined the Naval Academy in 1957. As naval aviator he started flying F3H. In 1966, he was promoted LCDR and transitioned on RA5C Vigilante. He joined RVAH-9 and made the 1968-69 WestPac cruise aboard USS Ranger followed by a second one aboard USS Saratoga.

After he made the flight test school and became an Aero Engineering weapons officer before retiring in 1978.



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RVAH-9 pilots ans RAN during 1968-69 WestPac cruise, Frank Woods wears the FRP1 coverall without patch and nameplate




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