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USMC Women's Good Conduct Medal

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I have always collected Marine Good Conduct Medals on the side, but this is still a first for me, a Female Marine's Good Cookie. All that I know about her was that she married another Marine who later became an officer. I have the husband's scrapbooks, he served at Guadalcanal. The medals came with a WW2 Victory and American Campaign Medal. I am assuming a 3-4 year stint from 1944-1947? Thought I'd share as I dont think I've seen any others named to women. Anyone else have examples? I am also interested from anyone who may have info on this Marine.



EDIT: Picture no longer available

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Thanks for starting this interesting thread. We certainly don't see much about USMCWR awards. Here's a group worn by GySgt. Ann M. Kopp USMC (ret). She enlisted at Chicago in July 1943 and served at Camp Lejeune & Camp Pendleton and was discharged as a Corporal Nov. 25, 1945 having qualified for the American Campaign medal & the WWII Victory medal. She did not receive a GCM due to insufficient active duty. She re-enlisted at Chicago in Jan 1949 in the first group of "Women Reservists" sworn into the Reglar Marine Corps and was assigned to HQ Bn, HQMC. She served on active duty until August 1965. Her First Award of the GCM is interesting in that is officially impressed naming and dated 1952. The year of cessation of named USMC GCMs is generally believed to be 1951. This is only post-1951 GCM I have observed. Her records indicate that she received Five awards of the GCM and so is missing 1 star. Also she qualified for a star for her National Defense medal which is also missing. Semper Fi.....Bobgee




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I was told once, at the Ft Belvoir ASMIC show, that there exists at least one WW1 era Good Conduct Medal to a Marine (F).


I have never seen one, I am inclined to take it as a "legend" but rumor has it...




I saw one that a collector had in San Diego about 15 years ago. Don't recall any of the details on it (other than it was dated 1922) and don't know what ever happened to it.

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Talk about minty! Sweet medal!



In Memory Of......
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May they rest in peace.....

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