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40mm Grenade pouch

Allen Dail

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I picked this pouch up today and wanted to get your opinion on it. It is marked on two of the retaining straps but I can read all of the numbers. It doesnt have a nsn but some mfn and number. Is this a issue piece or aftermarket or made for surplus market type gear.




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this is the whole set (not mine). Made in 1996


the pouches on the vest are attached with slide keepers.


this is a photo of the lbv being worn (is different from a standard one), with aftermarket pouches

1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division



the photo was took 22 july 2004 in al asad, iraq, just prior the first USMC HAHO combat jump. (Read the article "Marine jump into history" or something like that)

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Thanks for the great info and photos taucco. I have never seen or heard od this gear until now. Thanks again for the id. now to find the other parts for the set. I am sure that will not be easy.Thanks for your comments as well asianairborne and hotlead. I think I am going to hold on to the pouch hotlead,

Thanks Allen

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