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Graveyard of DUKW's


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Last week I passed through Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. I had some spare time so I thought I'd try and get some shots of the DUKWs that work around the Dells in the summer months, hauling sightseers through the area. There usually are a few of them parked around town to get people interested in the concept. I believe that there actually at least two or three different operators of DUKWs in Wisconsin Dells. I came across one place where I could see some of them, so I thought some pics would be worth grabbing for our DUKW fans.


While there are a large number in service in the warm months, they were in storage and tarped over right now, as the pics show. I did get some shots of the derelict ones though, that is mainly what this thread is about, to show those.


Don't bother asking which operator had them either, as I probably was not supposed to be where I was at to get these pics in the first place. I did also see an instructional airframe for a Huey helicopter there though (cool!) as well as a small lot of other non-DUKW vehicles too. As far as the DUKWs go, they are in various states of disrepair. I would have to think that these were all purchased and used for spare parts at one time, although judging by the rust on many of them right now, they are looking like they are geting to the point where they will never be sound enough to be ever used again. Could also be that these have already been stripped of their best most useful parts too. I did not have time to stick around and ask, maybe I will another time if I have the spare time to do so.





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