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The Mini-Museum of Sea Lions and Carabaos


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Very nice! I recently visited Corregidor, spent three days on the island, and it was incredible to walk around and see the ruins, tunnels, and battery positions.

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Very nice! I recently visited Corregidor, spent three days on the island, and it was incredible to walk around and see the ruins, tunnels, and battery positions.


Thanks again everyone for the comments! It is a privilege to research these wonderful items.


I wish to go to Corregidor and Bataan one day. I'm sure it was a great experience going into the tunnels and battery positions.


Can you imagine, Bataan, a tiny island fortress called Corregidor, plus El Fraile, Carabao, and Caballo Islands, were the only things left standing in Japan's way 70 years ago?

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Chap15 said:
What can you tell us about the US Army Japan patch/jacket?


Ah, that one... It happens to be one of my favorites. It is my second Philippine Scout uniform I acquired.





M. V. DIOKNO (P.I. & CA, 1911-1974)


- 06/26/30: First recorded enlistment = B Company, 14th Engineer Regiment (PS)

- 06/25/33: Honorably discharged as Private, 6th Class


- 11/1941: T/Sgt. & Assigned to Service Company, 14th Engineers (PS)


- 04/10/1942: Surrendered. Survived Bataan Death March


- 02/20/1945: Returned to the Army


- early-1950s: Served during the Korean War

- 1955: Captain. Assigned to the 8149th Army Service Unit.

- 02/28/1957:

* Was Assistant Property Officer at Camp Stoneman

* Retired as Major, Army Reserves


- Post-1957:

* Pittsburg, CA's finance officer (An office he held until his death)

* Past president of the Pittsburg Lions Club

* Past Chairman of the Filipino-American Council of Northern California


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More photo's of Diokno's uniform. It included all original insignia, custom ribbon bar, dog tag plus 14th Engineer (PS) DIs. (DIs have NHM)


He must have been really proud of being in the 14th Engineers and in the Scouts!



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Hi everyone,

I decided to clean up my displays, placing them on a white background instead. I think it's easier on the eyes.


Plus, I've standardized all of them and added the insignia of the units they served with.


For now, here's a pic of my collection's O/S stripes on the Ikes.




I'll be adding more bios soon, so stay tuned! Thanks again for looking!

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Amazing collection. I am a Filipino American, too. My mom is from Baguio City and was born in 1944. She doesn't remember much obviously, but told me a little about my Grandfather. He was a guerilla fighter and was interrogated by the Japanese. I remember seeing a pic from his funeral and he had military honors. Do you know of any ways that I can look into his time? I've mostly studied and collected items from the ETO, and I've just started researching the history of Philippines in WWII.


Any help or directions you can point me in would be great.



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Here's my first Philippine Department shirt that I acquired in 2009:




W. W. THOMPSON (WI, 1906-1969)

- Pre-1940: Lived in Milwaukee.


- 1940: Enlisted. Assigned to 30th Bomb Squadron, 19th Bomb Group.


- 10/23/1941: 19th Bomb Group moved to Clark Field, P.I.


- 12/1/1941 to 12/8/1941: Aircrewman

*-12/8: War begins. Many planes destroyed at Clark Field.

*Sometime in December:

** Transferred to 28th Bomb Squadron, 19th Bomb Group

** Flown to Del Monte Air Field, Mindanao, P.I.

** Continued to work on & repair planes


- 05/10/1942: Forced to surrender. Became POW.

** Japanese take POWs to Camp Casisang, Malaybalay, Bukidnon Province.

- 09/20: HQ & HQ Squadron, 5th Air Base Group and & 28th Bomb Sq. celebrate their joint formation days

** Later placed on a ship & sent to Japan

- 11/13: Arrived at Tokyo-02B-Kawasaki (Mitsui #2) POW Camp.

** Forced to do stevedore & steel mill labor for the Mitsui Corporation.


***The above image was taken at the Kawasaki #2 POW Camp (Source)


- 09/20/1945: Liberated. Sent home via USS Gosper


- 05/08/1946: Honorably discharged at Santa Ana, CA.


- Post-1946: Returned home to Milwaukee.

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I've always envied those who could just collect one field and know it really well.


You certainly have a focus that has, I'm sure, made you a leader in this field.


Your displays are not only poignant but very pleasing to the eye as well.


I thoroughly enjoyed this thread.



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Incredible collection FriscoHare, I had no intention of joining this forum but had to so I could contact you. I did a google search for a Scout shoulder patch and found your collection. I would like to reach out to You and anyone else that is passionate about WW2 history and the importance of the American-Philippine alliance. For a multitude of reasons I have become an outspoken advocate for Filipinos and the Philippines and what they SHOULD mean to the future of America. My father, 3 brothers, and myself all served in the US Military.


I have limited background in Military History so someone may need to correct this statement if it is wrong: Besides the Philippines, no other country has voluntarily joined our military and fought alongside American soldiers to preserve freedom and American values.


Maybe I am wrong but it sure seems like the Philippines would be a pretty good Ally to take care of and I really question the current administrations willingness to do that.



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"Make Way, the Scouts Are Moving In" Display at the 2014 ASMIC Tri-Convention, San Diego, CA.



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What an amazing collection! Who did the tan Major General's uniform belong to in post #39?

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What an amazing collection! Who did the tan Major General's uniform belong to in post #39?


Hi all, here are their IDs...



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Nice display Sean!


Great way to keep the memory of the Scouts alive,





Great display Sean! When are you going to do an article for the FOOTLOCKER?


Thanks Guys! Hopefully I can hunker down and write a FOOTLOCKER article soon.

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As I prepared my next post in this thread, I realized something. And I just want to take a moment to honor and thank my grandfather / Lolo for his service.


Two years ago today, my dad presented my grandfather / Lolo the Congressional Gold Medal for Filipino Veterans of WWII. 


By that time, three generations passed the medal to each other: I accepted the medal on behalf of my Lolo in a ceremony in San Antonio, Texas. When I returned to Chicago, I gave it to my dad to bring it to their hometown in the Philippines, and present it to my Lolo. 


The medal certainly had a journey, but its recipient had even more of a journey.






My Lolo is the reason why I collect Philippine-related items. For the Philippine Defenders and Liberators of WWII, may we never forget their courage, heroism, and sacrifice. 


P.S. Shoutout to @stratasfan for restoring my photos in this thread.

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I had not seen this thread before.  This is a wonderful collection that is expertly researched and displayed.  It's a real pleasure seeing it.  Thanks for posting it and even more thanks for preserving the material and soldiers' records.

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