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39th Infantry Division

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Thirty-Ninth Division / 39th Division



"Delta Division"




Post-World War I Official Design: Red, white and blue are our National colors. The Greek letter recalls the Delta of the Mississippi and with the English "D" in the center it recalls the popular name of the Division. The Secretary of War approved this shoulder sleeve insignia on 8 Feb 1922



None reported.



July 18, 1917



Jan 1919





World War I


Organized at Camp Beauregard, La., in Sept., 1917. This division was composed of National Guard troops from Louisiana, Mssissippi. and Arkansas (1st, 2d and 3d Regts. Ark.Inf.; Ark. Amm. Train; Ark. Field Hospital and Amb. Co. No.1, 1st La. Inf.; 2nd Separate Troop, La. Cav.; 1st Regt. La. F. A., and La. Field Hospital Co. No. 1; 1st and 2d Regts. Miss. Inf.; 1st and 2d Separate Sqs. Miss. Inf.; 1st and 2nd Separate Sqs. Miss. Cav.; 1st Regt. Miss. F. A.; Co. A, Miss. Engrs., and Miss. Field Hospital Co. No.1).


The last units arrived in France on Sept. 7, 1918. Ordered to the St. Florent area (Sur Cher) and designated as the 5th Depot Division. Remained in this area, training the personnel to be used as replacements until about November 1st. The training cadres were then transferred to the 1st Depot Division at St. Aignan. On Nov. 30th the division in its skeletonized form was ordered to St. Nazaire for embarkation to the United States. Debarked at Newport News, Va., on Jan. 1, 1919, and went into ca,np at Camp Stuart, Va.


On Jan. 9th, proceded to Camp Beauregard, La., and on Jan. 18th demobilization was commenced.


Maj.-Gen. Henry C. Hodges was the commanding general of this division.


Primary Units:


77th Infantry Brigade:

153d Infantry Regiment

154th Infantry Regiment

141st Machine Gun Battalion


78th Infantry Brigade:

155th Infantry Regiment

156th Infantry Regiment

142d Machine Gun Battalion


64th Field Artillery Brigade:

140th Field Artillery Regiment (75mm)

141st Field Artillery Regiment (75mm)

142d Field Artillery Regiment (155mm)

114th Trench Mortar Battery


Divisional Troops:

140th Machine Gun Battalion

114th Engineer Regiment

114th Field Signal Battalion

114th Train Headquarters and MP

114th Ammunition Train

114th Supply Train

114th Engineer Train

114th Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies & Field Hospitals 153, 154, 155, 156)


Divisional history from:





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