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The Jet Pilots Survival Knife

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My 1-1969 Ontario is the earliest example that I have with the short metal sheath protector.

 I find the box marking of MIL-K-8662 A (AER) interesting for this knife.


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Thanks Sactroop.A while ago I bought one off a forum member and its an 84 version without the metal cover. I thought it was not correct but in this case I am OK with it. 







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Camillus certainly was making JPSK's on Government contract before the modification to the sheath was made.  1-1969 is generally considered the first examples of these knives produced by Ontario.

One thing that does add some complications to the hobby is when Camillus starts to also offer the very same knife for general commercial sales.  Most of the knives are indistinguishable from the Government contract knives.  From what I've seen from packaged knives and catalog description is that Camillus typically provided the commercial knives with the earlier style sheath well after the Government change over to the tip protector type sheath.  To complicate the matter further, there were a few times over the years where Camillus offered the buyer the option of paying a slight premium for the knife with the current military sheath.  I generally regard dated knives with the earlier sheath that don't match up as possibly commercial, but at best it's a weak argument.  The opposite doesn't hold true, and there's always the problem that we usually can never know with certainty just when that new acquisition knife got the cover that came with it.

IMHO, when the change over from blade marking the JPSK's to stamping ID information on the pommel, 1-1967, it seems that the early style sheath was correct for those knives.  The change of sheaths seems to follow afterwords.  I'm pretty sure that Frank Trzaska has a chronological list of changes in his archived knife knotes. Unlike the label on your knife box, I'm just not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg, let alone which came first.😄



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On 9/16/2013 at 8:07 PM, 1SG_1st_Cav said:

Here is a view with the knife in it's sheath. Danny


Would anyone happen to know if this sheath is original to the knife it's shown with? A couple of years ago I acquired an early Camillus knife (no serrations) in an identical sheath and suspected it to be an overseas replacement; however, I'm not sure if my sheath was produced on its own or simply cannibalized from a knife like the one shown here. Any input would be appreciated.


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watchmanjimg- More than likely the sheath is original to the knife, which is commercial, not a military issue item. If I recall these were sold in the 70s, and 80s at local surplus and pawn shops. I think they were made by a company called "Valor" of Japan, could be wrong on the maker. But not an issue knife. SKIP

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