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My WW2 war room


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As my new WW2 war room is still under work, I'm just sending some pictures of my US WW2 Optical/Compass shelves. The best is still to come.







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Bon jour, mon ami,


Very impressive collection. The two scopes brought back memories as I was on the All Army Team for two years. When it was my turn to spot, I would back off on the focus to read the mirage. Beats shooting "Kentucky windage." I especially like the binocular cases with the compass on the lid--not often enountered. Look forward to seeing more of your collection. Jack

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The USN MK1:


From top to bottom:


Pal RH 35 type 1 (wood pommel, blade marked USN); Pal RH 35 type 2 (irom pommel, blade marked USN MK2); COLONIAL type 2.


Front: ROBESON type 1.



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