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Weirdo PASGT kevlars


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I haven't come across one of these before. It's a Gentex helmet, but was it made for export? Is it a law enforcement helmet? The label is unlike the typical inkstamp on PASGTs, and the color makes me think law enforcement.



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Your first helmet is most likely a commercial PASGT type helmet intended for law-enformement use. I don't believe Gentex had many military contracts for these helmets during the mid 90s, so it's not unreasonable they sold these to other non-military customers in this timeframe.


Your second helmet may be an experimental/trials PASGT. I just sold my book "Steel Pots" which I believe had a section about this type of PASGT helmet. The thick rubber rim actually has the suspension mounted to it, and the helmet shell simply sat on top of the rubber rim/suspension assembly. This concept was in-line with the removable/replaceable assemblies as used on the older steel M1 helmets (which used a separate shell/liner system).


Someone who still has a copy of the book can tell you for sure. If the second helmet is what I think it is, it's a pretty cool find! Hope this helps!

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Hey CJ,


What do want to know?

Hi LongBranch,

I was interested in seeing more interior detail and Mfg. markings.

Been looking for one of these for a really long time…

Thx cj

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