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Proud Kraut

Creating Mud Effects with Pigments

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Great tips as always. Always enjoy your posts. Makes me want to try my hand at modeling again. Those mud effects on the plow blade are perfect.

Thanks for sharing, Stoney

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Dont forget to get some "Weight" on those tracks. The are very heavy and always appear to "FLOAT" on models. I use piano wire drilled into the lower hull. Let them stick out onto the tracks about half way. Set them between the boggies.

Looks great though.


When you use the term "float". You mean how the track looks stretched with no play in the track,

rather than it looking heavily used and might need adjustment? Just understanding the term. Believe I'm understanding what you mean. You can patina a tank lets say all you want with rust,scratches, what have you. But if you miss attention to detail on the tracks like you state, your whole model could look like it's only half finished.


Thanks for that point you made, Stoney

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I think a can with metal balls in it that mix the paint when you shake it.

So it "rattles".




That's it, basically any can of spray paint you can get at Walmart or Home Depot. Get FLAT or Matte colors if they have them, or try the SATIN colors, although those can turn out shinier than you'd like them to, sometimes.


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I've even seen ground work done by mixing Elmers glue with real dirt... You are really only limited by your imagination!



I recently used sawdust and a combo. Of earth color pigments, and elmers glue to simulate winter into spring type wet heavy mud on the track section of my ersatz v10 ,unveiling soon. Worked great.

Also, thanks to Wayne for clarifying a long standing question I had about using the putties for mud.

I chose the sawdust for texture in the mud, tanks are constantly running over wood,rock...

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