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Anyone have a clue on this shovel cover?

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No markings, the shovel is 45 dated and the case appears to have had this shovel in it for some time based on the wear on the cover. Is this European or US?











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Well, was hoping for better, but it is what it is then :(


from what I found KNIP HIER is Dutch for SNAP HERE, it from the looks of it with that E-Tool, is one that will be from 50s up till the 70s, here the Dutch just made there own carriers for this type of E-tool, U.S. made or otherwise, prior to this the Dutch Army and Marine Corps used the standard U.S. E-Tool and cover, they where sent alot of U.S. field equipment in the late 40s early 50s, The Dutch Army and Marine Corps where in need of this gear for their operations in the Dutch East Indies in the immidiate post war period in their fight to retain their Colonies, against a Communist take over, and of course to equip the soldiers sent to fight in the Korean War, and lastly, to equip the rebuilding Dutch Army and Marine Corps at home in Holland.

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PM Johan Willaert and he can probably give you more details on usage and dates.


But he's a Belgian, and the French Foreign Legionaires say there no blood sausage for them ! :P

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