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0-2 Mask

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This 0-2 Mask was given to me by an AME2 from VAW-88 back circa 1992-1993. This mask came from an E2C Hawkeye, but it looks like the same one used by Aircrew in the Tomcat Squadron I was in. This mask was given to me legally LOL.





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The oxygen mask appears to be in the configuration of a USAF MBU-12/P. The USN/USMC also used the MBU-12/P in aircraft like the F-5, T-38, F-16N.

Various communications cables, hose end connectors, microphone elements, communications connector on the outside of the hardshell will give the mask

a different desingation such as MBU-14/P, MBU-15/P, MBU-16/P, MBU-17/P, etc. The Army also used the MBU-12/P in the OV-1 Mohawk acft. The mask is

in the all green configuration and the later gray facepiece and hose being introduced around 1986. Hope this helps.

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I believe the masks are in the USAF MBU-12/P configuration when they are received from the manufacturer. The USN/USMC will then modify the communications and

hose end connector for specific aircraft. MBU-17(v)1/P and MBU-17(v)5/P were used with the E-2 Hawkeye series aircraft. The MBU-12/P series masks were introduced

by 1979 and replaced the MS-22001 (A-13A) series masks. The MBU-12/P series may still be in use with the USN/USMC along with the MBU-20/P and MBU-23/P series.

There may also have been modified USAF MBU-5/P masks used by E-2 Hawkeye aircrews also. Hope this helps.

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