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Bob Hudson

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A reminder that the rules for this section note that "The primary purpose of the DEALERS forum is to notify members of our community about online sites where they can purchase militaria items."


We allow members to post about their sites and the sites they've visited and we've gone so far as to allow occasional notifications that web stores have been updated. But, this is not the place to announce that you are having a sale, to market specific categories of militaria or for other excessive marketing of your commercial website. If you need something more than a notice of an update, then try Google Ad Words or other online advertising channels. If you have specific items, such as patches, list those in the FOR SALE section: don't promote them here.


The rules to this section are at http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...ct=SR&f=103 and while they are simple, please keep within the spirit of them, which is, again, simple notification that a site exists or has been updated. Listings that abuse this spirit will be removed.



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