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USAF Pilot's scarf

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Here is something I have not seen alot of, and I don't know if any one is interested but I will put it out there. This is a USAF scarf that was given to me by a pilot from the 24th TAC Air Support Sqd. while I was deployed to Howard AFB in Panama for Operation Kindle Liberty 1985. I was part of a USN Helicopter Mine Countermeasure Squadron (HM-16 flying RH-53Ds) that took part in the operation. The 24th TASS flew A-37s and hosted us for the duration. When we left I traded my Squadron patch for this scarf. Does the USAF still wear these, and does anyone have some more examples of some scarves? Thanks for looking.








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Yes, the Air Force still hands out scarves, but their wear depends on squadron policy. I never wore the ones I was given (read: wear was optional) but had we a colorful scarf like yours, I might have decided differently - that one of yours is a real winner. I wish I had a shirt of the same pattern and colors!


PS. The Air Force scarf is always a source of humor for our Navy brethren. 

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