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What famous event happened with this ship?


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Ha ha...more like showing the guns!


I see that I typed that we were the third ship...we were the 2nd in the column formation.


she fired those guns in 1984, the Jersey fired almost 300 shells at Druze and Shi'ite positions in the hills overlooking Beirut. Some 30 of these massive projectiles rained down on a Syrian command post in the Bekaa Valley east of Beirut, killing the general commanding Syrian forces in Lebanon and several other senior officers. This was the heaviest shore bombardment since the Korean War

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the Pueblo is still a tourist attaction today. describe by her curators as "armed spy ship of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces." we finished a long cruise over there and decided to stop inYokosuka for a week of R&R before heading home. this hit the fan and we had stay over there an additional 2 mons.


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And he wasn't just telling a good sea story - S1c Everett E. Frye is indeed an officially listed USS Arizona survivor.


Hi there I am a new member to this site and I noticed you mentioned Everett E. Frye and was curious whether you knew him? Thanks Gerry gaustin@trebnet.com


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This topic has been languishing in the old and forgotten depths of the forum for over five years and it was such a good read. BTT!



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