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"Nikki-D" CH53 in Vietnam or Thailand

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I love this shot of a CH-53 being refueled over Southeast Asia by a HC-130.

Does anyone know what ARRS "Nikki-D" was assigned to?

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Here's another view {http://archives.rotor.com/viewdoc.php?id=196&cat=66} from another web site which seems to be part of a series of photos. Unfortunately, the bottoms of both are missing which makes an exact determination difficult. I'm going to surmise the both aircraft are from Thailand based on the jungle terrain below. The HC~130 was based at Korat and the HH~53s were at Udorn and then NKP to the end of the war in '75.

Prior to this, the Danang based '53s were usually refueled "feet wet" off the east coast by HC~130s from Clark AB. That's the simple answer to what was generally a well choreographed operation that brought these two aircraft together from various orbit locations to transfer fuel and effect the recovery of Allied personel. Sorry I can't be more specific and, remember, much of this is only a guess based on the backdrop of the 2nd photo.

Good luck finding out more.

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