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USMC ww2 three pocket Grenade carrier

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Hi my brother pick this USMC ww2 three pocket Grenade carrier up at a small militaria fair. it has a usmc hanger on the back and is made from the some canvas as the two pocket Grenade carrier. it looks the some as the two pocket Grenade carrier in Harlan Glenn book '782 GEAR' on page 190. me and my brother have never seen an USMC ww2 three pocket Grenade carrier, and can't find a photo of one in a book. would like to hear poeple opinion on the pouch. thanks joe and jack.2h56160.jpgx2jju0.jpg

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Looks like a field modification. The seam tape on the three pocket does not look uniform to the original two top pockets. Looks like they stitched on a lower pocket form another 2 pocket grenade pouch.


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