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USAF K-2B Flight Suit


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Recently picked up this vintage K-2B flight suit. Ive been starting to collect earlier style Air Force flight suits and found this one very unique. Its I believe a late 50s era K-2B that has the thigh clip for a chart/checklist, oxygen hose clip tab and presumably has the Air Force meatball logo stamp on the left sleeve. Reason I say presumably is there's a patch sewn over it but the US Air Force is still visible.


The patches are what I find most interesting about this suit. They're from the 393d Bomb Squadron that was based at Pease AFB, NH. The 393d received the new FB-111 in 1970 I believe. I'm guessing Pease still had old stock K2B flight suits in this time frame as newer Nomex suits were probably going straight to units serving in/supporting the Vietnam conflict. Any input on this? I know Army wise, my father had the 2pc Nomex flight suit in Vietnam but when he returned, he was issued K-2Bs again in 1970 at Ft Eustis. He didn't get a Nomex again til 1972 or so.


The patches are a really nice soft cloth material, that differ from the loose patches I have shown in my other recent post in the insignia section.



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