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Just wondered if any members of the Forum have ever purchased patches from a website known as AV8RSTUFF.com?


About six weeks ago I purchased some USAF patches, paid by MC, and am still waiting. Numerous emails have evoked only two responses: the first one said that he was "behind on hundreds of orders" and could he "mail it this Saturday?" (That would have been 5 November. Didn't happen.)


Two weeks later (two other unanswered queries) I got an email saying that "I am gone and my wife answered the emails. I will see what's going on." That was 29 November. I haven't heard anything more, despite sending more emails asking for information.


On his website he has a long disclaimer that seems to indicate that he is military (talks about "I might be deployed.") then more or less goes on to tell us us not to bother him about orders, trust him they will go out, he does unto others as he would have them do unto him, etc.


Now if this guy is military, I respect and thank him for his service, but I think six weeks of holding my money without ANY information about when he expects to mail the merchandise (other than the reassuring information that he is behind on hundreds of orders :w00t: ) is no way to run a business. Maybe he should shut the website down when he is deployed? I can be very understanding about delays but it really irks me to be left in the dark.


Anyone else ever do any business with AV8RSTUFF.com? Any suggestions?


Guess the next step is to contact my credit card company.



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I went thru the same thing with that dealer about a year ago. I ordered several patches at one time. Got a package pretty promptly, with only some of the patches I ordered, but not a word on why the order was short. Several emails (from me, no replies from him) and several months passed. I think I did get one rude reply. Finally got the rest of my order, but it was wrong. I will NOT be ordering from him again.


I too respect him if he is military and actually away, but that's no way to run a business.

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I recently placed an order 5 weeks ago. 10 days ago, not having received any feedback or items from him, I sent an email inquiring about my purchased items and status of the shipment. Up to today, after 2 more emails, there has been no response and no items received. Today I contacted my credit card company to cancel this transaction. I would just say buyer beware. I will not be placing any orders through this dealer.



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