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Pilot knives, show em

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Well, finally got around to getting a picture of mine, and forgot the Camillus MC-1. However, here is my pitfully small collection:




From left to right, Giant Jack Knife (I believe Union Cutlery, but not sure), Camillus, NY 5-inch pilot's knife and Camillus, NY 6-inch pilot's knife (both blade marked), and both scabbards with sharpening stones.


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You folks have got me all motivated. Heading out to the Fayetteville Gun show. Hope I can find something new. Tired of looking at Flea Market stuff. Shows been a real disappointment the last few years. But, patience and persistance always pay off. We'll see this show. Besides, Raleigh is next month. SKIP

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Once again -disappointment! The Fayetteville show had plenty of beef jerky, holiday balloons, T-shirts, and QVC knives. Also the same folks selling the same things they've been trying to sell over the last couple of years. No knives or bayonets I need for the collection. I will note a large increase in repro M1 Bayonets. Saw some left handed AR15s, had never seen or noticed them before. Well, on to Raleigh next month. SKIP

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Aloha Everyone,


I had a grouping which belonged to a USAF LTC who flew KC-135's and B-52's during the Vietnam war. He started out in WWII as the pilot of "Million Dollar Baby", a B-17 in the 94th BG, 410th Squadron. When I sold the grouping a while back, there was one item I kept. His switchblade knife which he wore on his flights during the 1972 Christmas bombings just before he retired.


It's in the grouping photo attached along with the small nylon case & his bucheimer holster.


The other photo is the crew of "Million Dollar Baby" and he is standing in the center.



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