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November finds. FINALLY a T-15 handset!!


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Here's some finds for November. A few years ago I bought an SCR-300-A radio. Unfortunately it came with with a T-45 lip microphone instead of the correct T-15 handset. I've been looking for one ever since. I finally found one on eBay that appears to be unused. Some thrift shop finds include a rare WWII WAC field overcoat, a minty M-3 binoculars, and a 'Nam dated Army baseball cap. Also found a WWI 1st Corps patch. An estate sale turned up a big pile of officer rank insignia.




Here's some paper stuff. The artillery poster was printed at Ft. Sill.




More paper and some photos. The large photo in the lower right corner shows a "Duster" in Vietnam. The PBY pilots handbook and navy aerial gunner's guide cost all of 50 cents apiece at a local estate sale.



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