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Field Desk Display

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I was trying to make a field display, i got a field table, 2 chairs, the Battalion Desk. I found an Army AIR CORP 3 hole punch. I NOS, paper clips, Tacks, clips, stapler, staples, Pens, pencils, colored pencils, blotters, field phone, and I found a late 30's OD Type Writer that was manufactured in OD Green, it was not painted on. I have a 2nd type writer the exact same except its black. Its a Smith Corona and again both are from the late 30's. I have WW2 era Pencil sharpners, Stationary, files, envelopes, and I even found wooden stamps Old Military, "EYES ONLY" "TOP SECRET", "INFO IN THIS MESSAGE IS TOP SECRET UNLESS MARKED OTHER WISE", and another 4-5 that are military and for classified type stuff. I original message books, and I have some repro copies of morning Reports, and all other reports. I can post a link that will give you blank copies of just about all reports that were around from WW2 if anyone needs the link, I will gladly send it or post it. I love the "old office" type stuff I have. I made part of my "war room" as if an old Army Office/barracks and the other half is for showing off my 'what nots'.

I love the old office stuff.

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I am in the process of getting ready for my first local display that I am going to put on at a VFW Post. I am quite excited and have begun making the descriptive papers that will give a general overview of what the certain item was used for during the war. This is the first of the many display papers that I have designed and printed out for my collection.


I also setup my field desk and tried different setups with it trying to figure out how it will look for when I actually put it up at the VFW Post. If I had more time I would sit and track down more of the authentic items that are WWII period to add into the field desk display but it is to late to do so now.


Hope you like it and when I put the display on I will be sure to take some pictures of all the items I am going to put on display and post them here for all to see. ;)


- Jeff

Looks good.

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I´m currently restoring an old 1942 record chest I have found on Ebay a couple of month ago.

I´m done with the chest it self and now I´m trying to build the inner compartments.


Unfortunately the condition was quite bad when I received it so I had to repaint it (I realy was in strugle with my self if I should overpaint the old markings - finally I did it :crying: ).


For the case some one is interetsed in some pictures check this external link: Record Chest



I have found the drawer pulls on Ebay. I will check for the seller and will post the link here.

Not sure if the diameter is correct but these were the only I have found at a reasonable price.


I wonder how the drawers where built (Plywood or real wood) inner compartments and drawers where built. Maybe some one can post some detailed pictures. :w00t:

I have two small spare drawers. When I bought my desk, there were three with it. I only need one. If someone wants to trade me something for them....

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o I love WWII home front materials

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