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Mighty 8th Air Force Museum; Savannah GA


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Mighty 8th Air Forcr Museum

175 Bourne Avenue

Pooler (just outside Savannah), GA 31322




My wife and I just got home last night from a combined business-pleasure trip to Savannah GA. While we were there, we vidited the Mighty 8th Air Force Museul to look around and do some research on her uncle who was lost while flying with the 100th BG. I took the following pictures there on 21 November.


Top is a bust of Gen Doolittle that sits in the lobby of the museum. Below is the plaque for the 100th BG, one of many Group plaques around the lobby.





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Most of the uniform items were in glass cases which made photography difficult and resulted in some flash reflections. Here is the front and back of one crew member's A-2.





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Top is a picture of the B-17G that's being restored. It last flew as a water-bomber. Bottom is Hilary standing at her uncle's crew station.





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Next are a collection of stainerd glass windown in the chapel. I probably took more pictures than I needed to but I was really taken by them. This one is above the alter at the far end of the chapel from the entry door. Those that follow are the side windows.



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