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M-1938 wire cutters; a study


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I have one (USMC) without the plastic insulation handles. Wonder if they ever removed the handles in the field, don't expect the Marines didn't face much electric wires on the islands.

Or maybe one side broke and both were remove long after the war.


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A buddy of mine yesterday gave me as Christmas present an M1938 wire cutter and I was really surprised to see it's a really rare bird. So scarce that not even my guru Robinb owns one. It's a Schollorn 1941 a bit bulkier than ordinary HKP1944 pictured for comparison. He bough it 1.50$ in late sixties near Leghorn where there was a big US base. A surplus seller had a bin full of these cutters wrapped in brown paper and packed with cosmoline. Living all these years stored in his tool box made it looking much used while actually he once tried to cut a nail.



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This discussion continues to be interesting :)

Here are the 2 early "bird-head" Cutters from the Army pile. "HKP '41" at left, "Schollhorn '42" on the right.

Artu, I hadn't noticed that the Schollhorns had huskier grips until i saw your post- never too old to learn somethin'! :huh:


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