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DO you like Turtle CAMO !!!! YES I DO

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Guys the main point Angel is makeing is he got this for a main piece of his collection. Plus he has been smart knowing that it will one day be his kids he wants to be sure. I understand if that's her main piece and its questionable someone mite use it to talk her into selling the whole collection for nothing. You need to get your money back now. Its cool no doubt but not what you bought. Get your money back and thank the guy and walk away. The s/n is the tell sign to many numbers its not us get away from it. You said it was expensive and if it were a us ww2 era camo it would be worth it. Take your money hold on to it and thank the man for giving you your money back. You will find that center piece you want with the 100% confidence in and sleep well. Hey you half way there when you get your money back. Let us know how it works out.

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Just a heads up , the seller although we disagreed on a few aspects has issued a refund without any hassle. I also spoke with some very knowledgable People on this helmet In question and they have said they liked the helmet and said in there opinion it was ww2 but woulD be un able to date an odd ball hand painted piece like this.

Thanks for all the opinions on this very interesting piece ;)





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I think you did the right thing returning the helmet for a refund, in my opinion the odds of it being done by a WWII US soldier is not very likely, but the possibility a Belgian soldier during the post war years did the work is much more believable, it just doesnt look like the work of a US soldier, it's an interesting helmet, but not something I would take a chance on just because somebody tells me it's WWII, better to go with your gut feeling when no solid evidence comes with the helmet

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