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WWII Field Desk - Headquarters


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Picked this up at an estate sale a few months back. Looks to be complete, dated 1942, no keys, both leather straps intact. Looks like it has been repainted a couple times in its life (WWII, Korea, Vietnam?). Was able to remove a bit of the newest paint job to uncover the 84th Airborne patches and the stenciling "Company A, 334th ABN INF REGT".


I originally purchased it because, well, it was cool and because I thought I could use it as part of my display for re-enactment. Well, it is way too big for the latter, and with the current paint job, it doesn't fit my unit either. So I am now considering selling it, but I have no idea how rare it is or what it is worth. Any help here is interested, I am also looking for the small company field desk if anyone is interested in a trade.





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