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Can anyone help identify?

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another question I have is this. When I was in the military we wrote out our own names on field equipment. Was this the same in the past? Was it likely that the F.S. Lincoln this belonged to wrote this out or would someone else have written it and gave it to him? I was looking at his second Draft card on Ancestry.com (for WWI) which was in print not script and looking at Fay S. Lincoln's writing style and the "N" and the "D" looked kind of similiar to the holster but I'm really unsure

Do you think the F.S. Lincoln owner of this holster wrote that himself, was it stamped?, or was it written out for them? It's black lettering kind of a block style.


Fay S Lincoln, by the way, used "FS Lincoln" as his professional name. The owner of the holster not doubt marked it himself.







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I was looking at the writing style from his WWII draft card which is print(ancestry.com) and I noticed the "D" and the "N" on the holster seem similiar. The "E" looks a lot different



On Ancestry.com there is also a boat passenger document that shows Fay S. coming from Villefranche, France arriving in NY on 27 Sep 1934. So he was definitely in France

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oh wow look at the "U" it looks like block lettering at the bottom, like _ instead of a curve


His WWI draft card says employment "draftsman" and the company is General Electric. I wonder if his writing style could be determined that way think.gif The "U" and "D" are exact from the WWI card. His "D" hangs over the I (hard to explain typing) and the U is a block. The A is also a block letter but his draft card has a different style A

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His focus later was architectural photography, if he was a draftsman and went to school as an engineer I bet his writing style was different. I'm a bit all over the place but I'm trying to figure out clues, maybe I'm just totally off I'm not sure but it's interesting


Wiki -Technical Drawing , also known as Drafting, is the practice of creating accurate representations of objects for technical, architectural and engineering needs. A practitioner of the craft is known as a draftsman, (or draughtsman in the UK), and recently, "drafter". Today the mechanics of the drafting task have been greatly accelerated through the use of CADD systems, but regardless of whether a draft is drawn by hand or with computer assistance, the drawing must be reproducible.


That "U" and "D" and the block lettering I thought was odd from the start I was even wondering if it was a stamp because it's written different

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Here are some of the other things I pulled out of the same unit



This I researched on Ebay and it is 1941

This was a second holster which I think is WWII?


I already sold the ammo can at the flea market and other items, the second holster I think is Air Force but the two wouldn't be related right? The person whose unit this was was actually law enforcement at one time and xmilitary
There was a ton of ammo things but I really know nothing about guns. Someone
from the flea market told me that it is reloading stuff. There are what I think
are "pencil"? point ammo that are brass but only 1 and the rest are empty, then there is a huge box of the rifle? reloading brass bullets (empty). I don't know
if this was a family collection or if the person was just collecting items in general

I usually clean out units and then sell the items at the flea market but rarely get into the research unless I think it's a special item. The Holster with F.S. Lincoln
on it just got me. Could the other holster be related? I think it's from WWII though

I'm not really sure what the stripes were for they were with the patches and there is one other patch that I researched that is 1st Division something but I read on Ebay that it was a "test" patch or something I'm not really sure.

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